Why YOW! is Launching an Innovative Developer Event in Singapore

After ongoing discussions with local developer communities, in particular, Agile SG, YOW! Conference is bringing their signature independent event to Singapore from 11-12th September 2017. Local developers will have the unique opportunity to hear and meet international and local experts as well as network with their peers. 10 international speakers have already been confirmed for the innovative developer conference.

YOW! was started by visionary thinker and developer, Dave Thomas, founder and past CEO of OTI (now IBM OTI Labs) to support Australian developers. Dave Thomas is Chief Scientist with Kx Systems, and Co-Founder and past Chairman of Bedarra Research Labs, creators of the Ivy visual analytics workbench.

"After the success of YOW! Conferences in Australia over the last 8 years, we started getting requests to share our focus on software craftsmanship with other local development communities. We are thrilled that we can bring international speakers together for a 2 day conference to complement what’s already happening in the Singapore development community," said Mr Thomas.

YOW! events in Singapore

In testing the feasibility of organising an event of this scale, YOW! Conferences have run 6 smaller events in Singapore over the last 6 months, which have been either sold out or close to capacity. “Nearly 400 local Singaporeans have attended our smaller networking nights or intensive workshops which has demonstrated an incredible thirst for connecting with and learning from like-minded developers in the tech space,” added Mr Thomas.

Support from Singapore Agile Usergroup

The YOW! Singapore conference has been made possible through the strong support and local knowledge of the Agile SG Usergroup headed by Stanly Lau and Co-Organizer Sergey Shishkin. They pointed out "YOW! is an excellent fit in Singapore. We saw very positive reception for all YOW! events organized in Singapore. There is a large potential to engage more local tech-stack communities."

Stanly Lau explained: "YOW! founder Dave Thomas is sincere and resourceful, which makes collaboration with him a pleasure. Having experienced YOW! Brisbane in 2015, I believe YOW! Singapore 2017 can increase awareness and understanding of dealing with engineering challenges".

Mr Shishkin also added: "Singapore tech community is relatively small and willing to share their free time. It's good to have a dedicated entity that can support local community organizers providing international speakers, professional planning and marketing".

"We believe that YOW! will help compliment the tech industry in Singapore with modern ideas from around the world, sparkle and give international exposure to local experts," he said.

YOW! Singapore 2017

Each year YOW! events around the world showcase the current and future direction in software development and delivery. YOW! Singapore provides a 2 track program featuring a number of international and local experts on emerging technology, tools and practices for software professionals.

YOW! Background

Since 2008 YOW! Conferences has organised a number of events – conferences, nights, workshops - for developers interested in networking with their peers and staying informed about the latest technology, tools and practices.

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