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September 14
Dave Thomas (Prag)
Programmer turned publisher (but mostly programmer)



Elixir is the new hot language among folks who are looking for performance, reliability and scalability. It also helps that its a fun language to use.

If you’re already a programmer, you can pick up most of Elixir in a day. Come and join Dave Thomas (author of Programming Elixir) as we explore the language. We’ll all be coding most of the day as we follow a progression of exercises, each illustrating new features of the language and its environment.

This course has a flexible agenda—we’ll go fast, but were not committed to complete all the material. Instead, the goal is to give you a solid foundation from which to start coding Elixir on your own.

Topics can include:

* effective use of tools such as IEx and mix
* syntax and semantics of Elixir
* functional programming, transformation, and pattern matching
* structuring projects
* testing
* concurrency, processes, and the actor model
* agents and tasks
* OTP Applications, Supervisors, and Servers
* Phoenix


Bring a laptop with Elixir already installed. Instructions are here: https://elixir-lang.org/install.html

Dave Thomas (Prag)

Dave Thomas wrote The Pragmatic Programmer (with Andy Hunt), The Manifesto for Agile Software Development (with 16 other middle-aged white guys), Programming Ruby, Agile Web Development with Rails, and Programming Elixir. He wrote his first program 45 years ago, and still codes every day. He’s the offline backup for the other Dave Thomas who organizes YOW.

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